1. Dude, I have a pile of soil outside. Each fall I put some leaves, fish bones, turkey feathers, bones, hay from the garden and I mix that up with the soil. I add banana peels all winter. After Jan, I don’t touch it until March. I mix that shit up with Gymsom and black earth. If it’s not composted yet I let it sit longer. All summer I use only water out of the hose. My plants are sitting at 12 feet right now. None of that chemical bought stuff. You can get everything you need in your kitchen. My Girls are naturally Almost ready to go, Here in Ontario. Remember it’s not a science to grow a weed. Don’t make it. I learned how to grow from a farmer when I was 14. Naturally. I am 42 now. Growing for years.

  2. All I feed my plants are water from my fish tank with a few ml of molasses and epsom salt outdoor grow in clay soil mix with compost and my buds are huge even when I top a plant about 4 time the stems are about 3/8 thick at the weakest point so I don't have to support them
    White widdow x og kush

  3. Ya you make this way over complicated i use a 3 part and grow outdoor and my plants are alot bigger and the buds are just ridiculous i just use a 3 part note and check and adjust ph if needed.

  4. i sometime wonder how these weeds ever made it through the thousands of years with out guys like you with their designer bottles ad note sheets. good thing your here now other wise i bet we'd lose weed all together. Damn dude you re king,You should put gold fish in that feed container for the next vid..

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