1. we will never bow to the satanist radical left we rebuke you satan in the name of Jesus you are under our feet by the authority of Jesus Christ We bring your plans against the righteous to naught. You will spend eternity in the merciless lake of fire

  2. Kamala Harris seems sly and insincere. She is not african, she is Indian!!! She appears like a snaky person, twisting and turning. Mike pence is more straightforward, direct and logical. I prefer Mike pence. Nobody likes liars and insincere people who put up a front. Go Mike Pence!! Go Trump!!! MaGa!!👍👍👍

  3. I do not want to argue.
    For her part, Harris did her job: She showed up poised, prepared, powerful, qualified, competent, tough, knowledgeable about foreign affairs and diplomacy, and if needed, ready to be the president of the United States should something happen to a President Joe Biden. She made the country comfortable with her. And for that reason alone, she won the debate, as Pence in my opinion failed to lay a glove on her. Sadly, the thing people will remember the most from this debate was the black fly that spent about 90 seconds on Mike Pence's stark white hair. Mercifully, that is an improvement over the previous presidential debate. The vice presidential debate was substantive, and at times overly gracious, as both candidates set out to prove their ability to step into the role of the president, should the need arise. Kamala Harris had some excellent prepared, but genuinely delivered, answers on Covid, health care, and the economy—Democrats’ winning issues this year. Pence's defenses were deft, and he was prepared with his own zingers.

    In the end, the debaters disagreed on facts and policy in all the ways one might expect, but they focused on the big themes their co-partisans expected of them. For Harris, she highlighted empathy, science and Americans' collective fates; while Pence projected themes of security, threats, and strength.

    This debate was produced for two different audiences. Harris delivered knockout punches for Democrats, while Pence was the steady but biting hand that Republicans were eager to see. Few viewers were likely persuaded of anything from this debate, but there was enough substance for each set of partisan viewers to reinforce their preexisting worldviews. In the end, Pence proved himself to be much better at politics than his running mate, President Donald Trump, but Harris scored more points and proved herself the better debater.

  4. Pence stated the fact of the US policies and Harris lied about the Biden/Obama policies. The US needs a Vice Chief Commander not a prosecutor against Black.

  5. they will increase taxes so much after they win.
    It will be socialism at its best, same reason why I was forced to leave Venezuela. From oil rich to dirt poor due to full bloom socialism.
    Visit Venezuela and then decide on your vote.

  6. Harris the bimbo, if the little girl can't "DEBATE" AFTER ALL ITS A DEBATE, little girl has to leave the arena, you all communists media built her up as a strong woman, and than when is debate time go around saying "that poor little girl and mansplain" what ever the hell that means, it is very dumb, the creepy laughing, smirking it makes my skin crawls, no thanks, America deserves better, and we already have better
    TRUMP/PENCE 2020

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