1. I have an 1996 first edition original jar of greed Holograph card. And a1996 blue eyes white dragon Holograph. B. Skull dragon holographic. Polymerization holographic. Seiyaryu holographic. Dark magician holographic. Magical hats holographic. Magic jammer holographic. Revival holographic. Red eyes b. Dragon first edition holographic. Buster blader holographic. Lord of d holographic. Relinquished holographic. And my toon world, toon summoned skull, toon blue eyes, kazejin, sanga of the thunder, suijin. Oh and slider the sky dragon first edition holographic.i wanted to know how much they are worth? you can contact me at champlooemilio84@gmail.com.

  2. This is how retarded Konami is as a company. They literally could've just unbanned Pot Of Greed, Change Of Heart, etc and just made new artwork of them for an upcoming set.

    Still make cash money for Chairman Mao
    Still less power creep

  3. 3min timer is SHIET!!! they should put an option into this game where you can choose between 5min and 3min.
    i often lose because of time and i would have won if i had at least 20sec more.

  4. What version of YGoPro is this? Because I clearly have a out of date one that has all my cards blank. It said my phone was too advanced for that version of YGoPro. I currently have version 1.4.13 YGoPro and I'm sure this version is super old.

  5. Hey Sam, just a reccomendation for next time so you don’t end up cutting it so close with the time. Maybe just spend a minute beforehand with a graphic of the card up explaining it. This way we know what it does and you can then just hop straight into the gameplay.

  6. This is funny. This punishes hand traps so badly. I think that's a good thing because hand traps are just unfair. Competitive YGO just went from skill to being lucky to being lucky and being even MORE lucky.

  7. 3:03 – Imagine if that guy had three Nibiru. lol
    Please don't spend so much time explaining a card or reading out the card effect while you are Dueling. Two reasons: I don't want you to lose merely to time, and because you can't expect your opponents to have patience. But if you have to give card explanations during a Duel, save them for after doing your combo.

  8. I solved it dude. It is in my facebook page in a 4 part post. Me and family worked hard for it. But there is video proof of it being planned. Also the date on when it will happen. Obama said it all and exposed the pandemic. It was a conference from 5 years ago. So it is not Coronavirus, But rnm. So it is done.

  9. There's a time limit for a reason!! If you wanna explain how good a card is then do that before you go into a game!! It's so bad on the opponent because they have to sit and wait for you to actually play a card.
    I get you want to show off cool combos but it's not fair to your opponent

  10. So I know for the new ygopro ignis you can make it were there is no time limit. If that helps and maybe just explain to ur opponent not leave ur recording a duel video. I mean ur pretty well known so I'm sure ppl will understand.

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