1. lol i smoke pot…. and for a fact i'm smoking a bowl for you guys at IO lol i'm not ashamed of it…. i am not scared of smoking pot… in fact it helps me with my anxiety with large crowds and other things… and in fact it has helped me get out of my depression

  2. so basically there are barely no confirmed downsides of recreational use of marijuanna but there are however multiple confirmed benefits for using it. its upsetting that people bash this medicinal plant when not even scientific studies have any facts that say its bad for you. smh

  3. I was the victim of sexual assault last year. As a result I now have severe PTSD. I live in a state where it is legal to use marijuana with a card. I got mine a few months ago. The night terrors have all but stopped. I can leave my apartment without feeling like I have to constantly look over my shoulder. I use it as medicine. Because to me it is.

    I have made similar comments in the past. But I figured I would again because you asked this time. 🙂

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