1. Black Market sellers would like to thank the government for not properly educating itself and enabling them to maintain the same overhead cost and charge more, yet still be cheaper than legal stores. And now how can you tell where anyone got it!

  2. They really need to tackle the waste plastic. The child proof containers made out of large oversized rugged plastic are an abysmal waste, they should be all using zippy bags and reduce the price by the amount wasted on packaging.

    Its interesting to note that all the negative impacts cited prior to legalization such as increased crime and significant increase in traffic accidents due to driving high never materialized.

  3. The anti-everything crowd will have a problem with this too…like they have a problem with everything

    High cbd cannabis has helped tremendously with my anxiety

    Somehow gotta blame the liberals and Trudeau for this too right folks?

  4. Save your money, grow your own. The retail cannabis growers over estimated the legal market. You can't compete on price when you have giant greenhouses with expenses. So long as they grow indoors they will never compete with homeowners growing outside. Buying cannibis at LP's is double the cost of buying it anywhere else. If the cannibis growers can't bring the price down to $100 or less an ounce they will fail. Then again at that price they won't survive cause they can't afford to sell that cheap.

  5. It has changed everything.

    1. It's got our s0c1al1st d1ctat0r into power based on people only voting for him to get h1gh, ask almost any Canadian and they will agree.

    2. It keeps the people $tu₱1d so they don't know the l1es he tells, and still support him even though he has turned Canada's quality of index from 6th in the world to 21st. Check "Numbeo" it's a site.

    3. The m3dia supports it because they get paid by the p0liticians to continue to weave this n@rrative that everything is fine, and they always have a job.

    4. The g0vernment have been making b@nk on the amount of profit from w333d, yet still raise t@xes anyways despite that large increase in new funds, second to l1qu0®.

    5. It has ruined driving for most in the sense it gives ©0ps more power to pull you over needlessly and waste you time. Oh also use f@lse p0sitive d®ug tests to waste your time in court, and make you miss work fighting a ticket for something they are well aware of that gives f@lse p0sitives.

    They should have d3©®iminalized it only. The world would have been a better place if that was the case.

    Example: D®ug d3al3rs still profit off selling d®ugs when it's l3gal1zed still because their is still a f0®©ed continued market to keep prices h1gh for it.

  6. Couple of things. On the illicit market, the low THC is more expensive while the high THC is cheaper. On the legal market, there is product that is almost 6 months old. That's too old, THCA is breaking down into THC and other breakdown products. One product has a proply group attached and is highly soporific.

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