1. I find it fascinating that the most major factor of when to harvest appears to be a matter of personal opinion. I have examined, under microscope, over 20 different strains of medical marijuana that I have purchased over the last few months. Not a single strain or bud had more than a single amber trichome. Obviously the dispensaries are looking for the highest testable amounts of THC which would be at the milky stage. Compare the dispensary harvest method to personal growers, and the opinions immediately flip to way more amber. Why do you think that personal growers do it different than a professional grow operation? Is it that most of us long time smokers prefer an Indica anyway? So the couchlock is more of an appeal to us?

  2. Hi there. Hope life is treating you well 🤟 quick question?how long darkness do you give your plants after 12/12, before harvest. Do u do 24 hours or 48' heard different reports 👌✌️

  3. Have 8 plants with a 9week harvest right now I'm On week 8 of 9 and all the tricones are clear and 20% cloudy none are amber any idea why they are not turning colors yet? Friend I got the plants from sd they ALL should be amber and the cloudy tricone feeling is oldschool or/and not true. He sd they should all turn amber.

  4. I never seen a flower study day by day taking chromatography test to know really the exact day when plant is on its peak of thc, I wonder why is no data about this. If they where statistics of these in several plants would be very useful. Some new studies tell is average on day 50 in hybrids but no much data. I consult google, youtube but nobody do this test day by day on last flowering stage.

  5. Currently running two unknown sativa dominant auto's outdoor. These hardly go amber at all so I just harvest when they are clearly showing they're in their fall. Which happens to be right now.

  6. According to Green House, lower thc with higher CBN makes for a better overall high. I haven't grown yet but watching a lot of info vids and reading. I think maybe some amber (25%) and 3/4 cloudy would give the best effects. Mostly cerebral with some stone mixed in is my preference.

  7. This helped alot, but I do have a question. Is there a way to make the plant produce more trichomes? I heard toward or during flower, people drive a small nail through the main stock and duct tape it. Since the trichomes act as a defense mechanism the plant will produce more since it thinks its under attack? Can you confirm?

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