1. I’ve been using this brand Not Pot since they were in dark chocolate candy form! And I have to say for some reason the bear form/formula is my favorite! I watched your updated version video and I bought the watermelon flavor and I was so excited to see they were back bc they were having production issues but I have to say it’s not the same anymore… the bears were def the best version of Not Pot!

  2. CBD doesn't work for me. Probably because my pain is so severe. I think it is great this is out there. I know people who swear by CBD. I want your temps. We don't get below 100 until after dark and under 90 after midnight.

  3. Don’t think there’s a solution to active sweat glands. Not sure if that’d be a good thing lol. Glad they helped you, I’ve had friends who fell in love with Cbd products, but after a month or so they stated that it didn’t help as much, even at all. Maybe your body gets acclimated to taking it? Maybe save the gummies for the occasional extra restless nights or extremely anxious days?? Lmk how the long term works out. Great vid as always.

  4. Very interesting… living in NE i'm constantly (not eavesdropping at all 😀 ) over-hearing people talk about how CBD is illegal now otherwise they'd use it for their hip/back/knee pain… i'm gunna blame big pharma for that fear spreading…actually it might actually be still illegal…see big pharma is winning… anyway… please do not remove your sweat glands!!

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