1. Former Silk Road Vendor
    ✈️🔌🌿 📦
    WhatsApp: (206) 565-2089
    Instagram: cryptobitcoinlocal

    Two Day Priority Mail USPS Express Shipping
    QP/4 Ounces(112 grams)$500
    Pound(16 ounces)$1500
    2 P’s $2700
    ThC Carts: 6 one gram carts $215(86.89% THC)

    Medical Grade Strains in stock: SFV OG, Runtz, Jack Herer, Afghan Kush, Acapulco Gold, etc.
    I have live pics and videos as well.
    Preferred Contact is WhatsApp

  2. What they are talking about is concentrated dab cartridges, not your everyday nicotine vape juice and vapes. Fake carts are dangerous, the the “vaping” related deaths are from the illicit dab carts, not normal vapes

  3. I’m 25 I’m from Europe (Ireland) and have cystic fibrosis.. I was doing research and think illegal cannabis oil or THC would really help me with appetite and chest pains. Ino it’s illegal but where do I get it? And how do people get it? Apart from the dark web or something? Should I go to Amsterdam? Sorry if this sounds stupid I’m just so unaware of this

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