1. The first presenter was probably under time constraints. The lecture should have been divided in 2 lectures. I have never seen anyone give a lecture that fast.

  2. I think there was a lot of important scientific content given here, however, I think the first speaker Dr. Benjamin Cravatt is not a skillful speaker. He talks to fast and does not pronounce some of his words clearly. Also, the way he relates his information is way to "clinical". I have heard much better presentations on this subject on YouTube that didn't sound so sterile.

  3. I used to smoke cannabis. Before I smoked life wasn't brilliant but it was ok. I gave up Cannabis after 3 years. Now I sweat every night, suffer extreme restlessness which is tortuous, I'm chronically depressed have chronic anxiety and paranoid. When I smoke it all goes away but before I smoked I had none of these things. I am 100% positive my cannabis use dulled down natural neuroprocesses as the body seeked balance. As I have now given it up, my body has been left in a metaphorical hole dug by cannabis. Cannabis is great but it's also terrible. The benefits are negligible compared to the long term consequences

  4. Note noting mentioned about cannabis aiding sleep,dream suppressant Is a very important factor for me after my injuries… I just don’t want to dream
    Great information though thank you.

  5. Folks this is just wonderful. We are witnessing the birth of cannabis in big pharma and corporate cannabis farming.
    It has already began. That's why you can get from dispensary 20% plus THC and not get but the smallest buz almost.
    The answer. Start growing your own. Indoor out door on the roof whatever it takes. I been growing for me now 22 years. My 16% stuff will leave you speechless and drooling for cookies for an hour. Lol. That's because I only grow true breeding. Let's face it guys. Most of us could care less about taste looks etc. compared to the overall feeling at end of smoke session. In other words. Did ya fucking get high or teased.
    Remember. The key – is to get ahold of – for growing and smoking true breeding only. 👍🏽🌲👍🏽🌲👍🏽🌲👍🏽

  6. What credibility has a NIDA/NIH voice which has had it so shamefully and culpably wrong on cannabis for so long? They have already proven they are not to be trusted to speak truth impartially. Why should we trust them as a source of truth now?

  7. God will keep kratom legal unscheduled and accessible to everyone. God gave us this beyond ultimate master miraculous truth blessing superior to anything else from past present or future.

  8. Interesting how few resources are being allocated into the ananda aspect of anandamide – interesting also is the proximity of pain and the removal of pain (psychological/physical); i.e delight/clarity

  9. Run in the background as you surf the net. This is the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA/NIH) presentation and they are finally learning all about the endocannabinoid system. We can teach it to others who think cannabis in nothing. Wonderful work to help all have better health and greater autonomy. A summary of science. Thank you for sharing.

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