1. There is some info out there considering the danger of putting these nanoparticles in your body as they can even enter cells and so on.

    I’ve been reading online for hours since yesterday because I want to make an informed decision.

    What I noticed is, the ones selling it say it’s the best thing in the world and selectively mention science, but don’t give you the full picture. Namely that it’s DEBATABLE whether it’s actually better.

    Furthermore, I have found useful information on how to absorb oil based CBD better, namely by taking your CBD with honey as it’s a natural emulsifier, as well as eating a fatty meal with your CBD.

    I hope my comment helps people looking for unbiased info. (With that said I still am not fully throwing nano CBD out the window, I’m willing to try it but right now it is not fully proven to be more effective and it is significantly more expensive, e.g 800mg nano cbd is €70, while 1600mg of full spectrum premium CBD is €60.)

  2. Oils are difficult to absorb.. the body is 80% water. Anything CBD oil based gets at best 10% bioavailability. Missing out on a lot of the medicinal benefits. These terms of nano or liposomal technology is marketing tactics and actually removes a lot of the full spectrum benefits. The only way to optimize absorption is with a CBD fluid which gets up to 90% absorption. Dr. Tim Harrigan and myself recently did a video about why people are wasting money on cbd oils and why cbd fluid is the only choice. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTWnJJuOVUU&t=1097s

  3. Just add DMSO and it’s now going to mix with water and not only that it will take it through the blood brain barrier to cure things there and into the spinal fluid and bones. Natures solvent, It’s safe and in all life. It will even deliver it into the enamel of teeth and kill tooth infections.

  4. I have been interested in the concept of "Water-soluble" oil because there are certain laws in physics that just can't be broken. Normally, people would not consider how those laws apply to oil and water unless your a chemist or other scientist. Which is to say it can't actually be done, it can be mimicked of having the appearance of being water-soluble. By introducing a detergent to the oil molecule, this will break the oil into smaller portions. Small enough that it appears to be water-soluble with the naked eye. However, on the microscopic level, you can still see oil floating on water. Everything he said is correct, he explains they break it down into smaller portions for better absorbency that is true. It is a misnomer to say "water-soluble" I consider that sleight-of-tongue saying it in that manner, that's just how sales work.

  5. If what you're saying is true then how come fish oil is so beneficial I'm pretty sure bioavailability is also is determined to his how well your gallbladder And pancreas are behaving.

    Also you don't absorb these things in the stomach you absorb them and the gut so what are you saying the problem is with the stomach?

  6. My mom has cirrhosis of the liver. She did not get this from drinking she doesn't drink. She got it from all the medications the doctors have prescribed her ever since I was in high school I'm 38 now. I'm trying to find an alternative for her pain. Well CBD water or any other edible affect your liver?

  7. do you drink cbd water like wine or whiskey? meaning, can you pour yourself a glass of cbd water the same way you drink wine ( medium amounts over a long period of time or one time shoter shoots

  8. Oh My Goodness such great wisdom but that music! Ugh! lower the music and trust your voice, I have a hard time hearing u. But thank you so much for the vid

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