1. As of January 2020 it is legal to grow up to 6 plants in Washington State.

    A bipartisan coalition of 10 representatives introduced House Bill 1131 (HB1131) last year and it was carried over to the 2020 legislative session. The bill would allow individuals over the age of 21 to grow up to six marijuana plants in their homes. There would be a limit of 15 marijuana plants in any single residence

  2. Great content. However, all plastic contains BPA unless stated otherwise. Heating the plastic just slightly will release the BPA and it will leach into the soil then into the roots. BPA is a carcinogen, so make sure the plastic product states “BPA Free”, or stay away from plastic. Bio-degradable pots are cheaper and free of any chemicals.

  3. Instead of vegging for 30-60 days first, try putting the timer on 17/7 or 16/8 it'll veg for the next 21-24 days until you start seeing preflowers, then when you switch it to 12/12 a quarter of the flowering time will already be over or keep it on the time 16/8 then a 56dayer will take 84days! 96days if on 17/7

  4. You are so dumb putting a lighter to plastic. You have no idea how many carcinogens you are leaching into the air and the cup… smh dioxins and furans are ultra powerful carcinogens and they happen everytime you over heat plastic. Smh. Dumb dont so that just poke holes or use a sizzor or knife jeezus kid. This is supposed to be a tutorial not a cancer how to guide.

  5. hey man been enjoying your channel. im interested in hearing more about your mainline derived technique (right now i started an auto so I wont do it now but for my next photos) did u ever make that vid?

  6. If u don't understand the science/reason behind something such as growing cannabis or really everything else you will never be able to do something more than what you are told. The key to a person with consciousness and will to bring development to the world is understanding why something is happening and then trying to find ways of improvment. Otherwise you adopt a pet behavior meaning that you only do what you are told and nothing more.

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