1. Bro daily ni8 adichittu 2km rodla nadanthu thaan v2ku poven…mind full imagine la irukkum but nadanthu porathu sharp ah automatic ah v2ku kootitu pogum naduvula ellame observe pannitu thaan poven..yaarachum therinjavanga vantha kuda casual ah pesitu v2ku poven bro…

  2. Brother I have one good psychological script for short film am a final year engineering student.. I don't have technical crew to concert my script into a short film.. I don't wanna spoil the content with bad technical crew.. Can you convert the script into a quality short film?… For credits iwill just be a writer for the film.. That gives me exposure for further approach!?!

  3. Muhil bro…could u give me a chance to assist in u r works…bro..internet..fulla wash out pani film making pathi konjam theriyum…but practical la kathukanum…bro…plz..sethukonga

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