1. Hey Geoff,I'm just curious but how come your symptoms have not totally gone away yet?Β  I had a head injury about a month and a half ago and I'm improving little by little but obviously not 100% yet.Β  I'm just curious to find out why some cases take a while to improve while others are improved in a matter of a few months.Β  do you have any insight into this?

  2. Thanks for posting this Geoff. What you're doing here is truly amazing. The fact you think of helping others by posting these videos when you're feeling like shit is overwhelmingly courageous. I hope you're rewarded with some good days soon. I'm about to hit 2 years in May and things have been tough recently as I'm in a transitional phase of leaving one job and looking for the next (I'm a contractor). My mood has been all over the place. Angry, happy, sad, chilled, angry again……crazy. PCS needs people like you to gain the exposure it and it's suffers deserve. Thanks again and please keep posting.

  3. I true my appreciate your videos. I just hit my 4 yrs with PCS. I have developed many coping skills but the anxiety can be overwhelming. I would give anything to go back to work.

  4. Oh man, you nailed it here. Your description of anxiety is to a tee. I don’t know how you do these vlogs… I am now 7 months PCS and filmed an intro vlog 3 weeks ago and can’t the motivation to edit it and post it. But as you said, there are not enough faces out there talking about PCS. Gotta get my ass in gear and get it done. If you can do one in the state you were in here, so can I. Thanks again for the inspiration

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