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  2. Thank you Russia for this investigation and Data. All just as I thought and then so much more information. No wonder Russia has their VAXX, hopefully the recipient's are safe.

  3. Yes, More proof from Russia that Bill Gates was involved in creating Human Coronavirus tied to China Wuhan Lab.
    (Pirbright Institute; Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Human Coronavirus, Patent #). Also tied to the U.S. Thank you Russia for all your research and the person who posted this video.

  4. Se necesitaba una investigación sobre COVID-19. Nuestro silencio desata las manos a los laboratorios biológicos y a los científicos que no se molestan con limitaciones morales. Tengo una pregunta 🙂 En 2015, las revistas científicas describieron el coronavirus y el efecto destructivo del virus en el cuerpo humano. ¿Por qué los científicos no crearon un antídoto?

  5. They say when there are too many coincidences, you have a tendency. The 2015 paper and the controversy it raised, the Ft. Detrick shutdown over "safety concerns", the Event-201 pandemic exercise, the sudden US shift towards demonizing China. The list goes on…

  6. Thank you for doing such a great job translating the third issue of this cycle. The issue is extremely informative, accurate and based on open respected sources. And it reveals a picture that diffidently can't be interpreted as a chain of accidental events. So in is important to understand the meaning of the game, so we will be able to break this game before it will beak the humanity.

  7. перевод , это хорошо когда в один голос и на ту публику… я почему не слышу Кургиняна из за иностранной речи??? что за манера пошла…??? это вообще суть времени делает…??? или система?
    тогда она грамотно выключает Кургиняна .. перевод кричит в ухо!!! динамик разрывается… Кургинян говорит глухо, как бабушка шепчет из подвала…

  8. Stop the pLandemic of the COVID psychosis!

    People, stop lying and cease the mercenary propaganda being spread by corrupt governments and mass media regarding the coronavirus “pandemic”!

    So much has been said and written, so many videos have been made, clearly proving, based on facts and numbers, that there are some really artful and powerful “well-wishers” who managed, very easily, to bring almost the entire world into the state of fearful panic and chaos, with no true reasons ever found! Absolutely no epidemic thresholds have been broken in any country, and the virus testing systems are so inaccurate and unreliable that honest doctors and virologists have been stating it since the very moment those tests were introduced!

    Those very smart and extremely rich guys are trying to desocialize us, to minimize real-life, offline communication between people, to deprive our children of the chance to get a good education, to collect as many unlawful fines as they can, to make everyone scared, and thus suffer and even die because of nervous and other sorts of disorders – and there are going to be many more victims and deaths than actually caused by the notorious COVID-19.

    And soon comes the “vaccine”… Everyone able to think a little bit with their own minds, not with the digitized mass conscience, understands that no vaccine can be created and, more importantly, properly tested in such a short time. So what are they going to inject us with? What do the powers that be want to drive into our blood?

    So why can we not hear the truth which truly competent, independent, and honest doctors and scientists, who still exist, are trying hard to deliver to us? Why do we only keep on listening to those creepy stories and watching those staged videos broadcasted by the official mass media channels?

    Give us back our normal life: education, sports, traveling, concerts, celebrations! At least, give us back our JOBS! Stop LYING! Enough of KILLING us!

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