1. I don't know what particularly am suffering from waiting to see a doctor but it's frustrated I tell you that after every single bit of food I can feel my stomach I need to go toilet then again like 20-minutes after and again after that it's just so time consuming but after a joint it's temporarily fixed although sometimes I can still feel my stomach be uncomfortable but it comes and goes but after sleeping when I wake up it's awful hopefully it's a doctor can figure out what's going on with me sadly I can't get CBD which I assume would be more helpful but THC still helps quite well

  2. There needs to be more research on this. I've been taking 4 drops of CBD oil (med. marijuana) daily for 5 days, but have stopped now because of nausea and feeling sick in gut. I've had problems with my gut for a long time and thought I would find out if this stuff will help me. But not sure it will now. Maybe including THC would help. The chemistry of the gut is so important especially when it gets off balance. This can be very discouraging feeling wise for this 70yr old me.

  3. Unfortunately, you have to take it for life. It's not a permanent cure for anything as far as I know so as long as you take it it your body will heal otherwise it all comes back when you stop.

  4. Good video. Thanks for posting. I have leaky gut syndrome and IBS. I also have adrenal fatigue. What dosage of CBD is necessary to be therapeutic? What do you recommend? And have you taken cannabis for IBS? Thanks

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