1. I totally agree that some varieties are more prone to hermie than others. Great content and I love your accent πŸ˜‰βœŒ
    To anyone ready this, God Bless You πŸ’— Jesus loves you and is speaking to you in your conscienceπŸ™

  2. Femized seed is by default a nanner producing, "non-true" hermophridite that is 100% genetically identical to its mother(self seeded). Even tough the mother was "forced" to self seed it only did so because it was genetically prone to it. Fun fact those seeds are always gonna produce nanners if they are aslong as they flower for long enough. So you can just use the couple seeds you get from them and pretty much have the exact same seed you bought:)

  3. What about in clones because i have a clone that had been growing over 5wk until i flipped to flower and around wk 3 in flwr it hermie on the bottom small branches

  4. So, I was out in my field brush hogging some rag weed, I noticed how much pollen was falling from the weeds, my plants are growing near by and was wondering/ concerned that, even tho they’re completely different plants, the pollen may have a negative effect on my budding plants. Do I need to mitigate pollen from other plants?

  5. I have a green gelato fem that throws a male here and there right near the stem. I noticed it early on but I left it go. Thought it may have had the light too low. I normally would pull it but it smells insane, it also has some huge long colas. Hope it didn't get seeds in my other plants but if it did I may keep them.

  6. They're outside plants and talks and I got him spread apart so they wouldn't be if they're outside their spread apart if they want it won't pollinate the other females let it didn't you let me know something on that please

  7. Lex , I think I’m bringing in insects threw my fresh air intake, I can’t seem to find a filter for this. Is a screen for a window to big to stop them from coming in?

  8. Hi Lex: thanks for another nice video. I am cultivating Futura 75 and it seems that this EU-legal CBD (hemp) variety is monoic (hermaphrodite). I was expecting all plants intersex, but instead what I observed is that besides them there was a certain number of 100% male and females plants as well. They told me that the environment decides the % of the different types of plants (as of the genetic basis of this variety is all 100% hermaphrodites), but my question to you is: do you think you can breed out hermaphroditism out of this variety? Thanks for your comments!

  9. Hey lex , I have found your channel very helpful and informative , I was able to get some amazing plants after following your advice howether I was not able to enjoy my hard work due the legality of it in my country . Thank you though , maybe someday things will change in my country

  10. Great video. I like your calm and clear presentation.
    There is a problem that puzzles me. A low branch was sprayed (carefully and branch was shielded) with colloidal silver. The branch opposite on the same node turned male. So did the branch on the node above.
    It is an outdoor grow, and has experienced temp fluctuations in a 24 hr period from 80 degrees to 45 degrees. I did a simple LST, tying down the main tip. Could either of the last 2 factors have stressed the plant to hermie, could all stress factors have caused it to hermie, OR does colloidal silver even affect branches nearby that were not sprayed?
    I'll appreciate any input. Thanks.

  11. Hey Lex I watch lots of your videos and just wanted to say thanks, you've pointed out some interesting things.
    Take care
    (I have a couple short videos of my current legal medical crop up if you have time to take a peak.

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