1. I don't care if people use Marijuana. But to those who dont, it does smell like a skunk just pooped on your head. Lol Maybe the focus should be on how to grow plants that give off less of an odor. Or some kind of filter to use when it smoked. Just a meet in the middle suggestion.

  2. Stupid fuckin snow birds shouldn't hv the right to vote . They don't even live in Arizona . They should only be allowed to if u live in Arizona 365 days a year .She just needs to move from Arizona. Snitch. Her attitude stinks . She should mind er business.

  3. I voted yesterday for this to go through and I don't use it. I'm just not as ignorant as Renee. It's the second time on the ballot for AZ. Governor struck it down first time it passed. Renee-Karen needs educating on health benefits and a shrink for her paranoia. I'd rather police time and money wasn't wasted on this issue. Focus on the alcohol drinkers. They're far more destructive to every aspect of society. Wonder if Renee has a glass of wine to calm down?

  4. Oddly enough, marijuana would help her health issues. Her real problem is all of the toxins building in her. They said she moved out? But she went back there to point out their homes on camera? Isn't that harassment? And look how upset she gets over it. If she moved out, she needs to let that go and quit trying to get mad over that. Would she rather people use pain pills and get hooked on those and all of the drama that ensues? If only there were something to help her relax? ๐Ÿค”

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