1. I absolutely would get on a plane where the pilot smoked a joint the night before, because by the time the next day that he was actually flying, he wouldn't be high anymore. Now would I want to be on a plane where someone who is flying it is high? No. Just like I wouldn't want to get on a plane where the person flying it was drunk. I want the person flying the plane to be sober when I am thousands of feet in the air, in a glorified tin can, with my life hanging in the balance. Smoke weed and drink all you want, just not when my life is in your hands. I may smoke, but I am not stupid.

    It's illegal for people to operate vehicles while drunk, but consuming alcohol is not illegal. It should be the same for Marijuana.

  2. These prohibitionists love to mention marijuana and cocaine together in the same sentence.  It's a trick. They love to play this game of attempting to skew peoples perception of marijuana by comparing it to cocaine. Havent you heard some of these lying hacks stating that modern marijuana is so strong its like crack cocaine. Right! They are even remotely similar at all in any way whatsoever regardless of modern marijuana being that much better. Non sense pure poppycock.

  3. This real "smart" guy atempting to deconstruct William F Buckley's argument in favor of legalization is full of you know what. Let's say that this surgeon he speaks of hypothetically with that somber look of seriousness on his face liked to drink alcohol rather than occasionally smoke marijuana. Think maybe his motor coordination might be more impaired on alcohol perhaps. Nice try old conservative guy but you argument does not hold water with me plus why would the surgeon smoke marijuana before performing surgery. Why not wait till after. I mean it is nowhere nearly as addictive if you could even say that it is at all as alcohol.  The surgeon is not going to feel the need to get some sort of "fix" and will just have to smoke that marijuana before surgery to avoid withdrawals physically or psychologically. Non sense. 

  4. Exactly, prohibitionists seem to think that if cannabis was legally regulated, use would be compulsory and everyone would get high. Its a falsehood, as studies have shown legal regulation does not increase use of cannabis.

  5. What if the surgeon got no sleep the night before? Or knew he was developing Alzheimers but didnt tell anyone? There are no 100% guarantees in life but the neocons want you to think they can provide that by force.

  6. This argument is a joke. Would you allow a surgeon to work on you who smokes tobacco and drinks alcohol on weekends? Does it matter? As long as they are qualified and not intoxicated at the time? Some people just dont understand cannabis and its effects. Some people are simply ignorant.

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