1. Hank, have you made a video on alternative testing methods to animal testing yet? I've seen the history of the lab rat, but I would also be curious about new developments in the field of reducing inhumane testing methods or replacing them with in-vitro methods.

    Thanks for all your other awesome videos, as well.

  2. people use so many drugs into there brains because even though our brains are awesome like you say they aren't designed for this fucked up world we live in. people are killing them selves all over the place for different reasons and they could at least be helped with drugs like pot.

  3. Hit up a blunt dude and you will soon see why people smoke herb. Our government feed us so many drugs we may as well chose some of them that do us SOME good. A 30% reduction in cancer risk is a high(lol) priority with the rads rising every day and are love of other carcinogens. I hear your never far from some depleted uranium in America now? How is that btw?…

  4. Not really tiny amount in humans. Its one of the main hormones related to Happiness in the human brain. It also has other effects on emotions, fight or flight, dreaming, and sleep.

  5. it's not the first time the FDA has outlawed something which has been discovered to be produced naturally in the human body. Ever heard of DMT? That's found in hundreds of organisms including tiny amounts in humans, and it's illegal fo real

  6. First of all, my brain might make it's own pot, but that hasn't stopped me from supplementing it considerably (lol), and secondly they already have a cure for fear, it's called Heroin.

    Also, I wonder how awesome (sarcasm) it would be to withdrawal from a drug that suppresses fear? Probably not very.

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