1. I found this interesting. The "Recovery Trial" gave near lethal doses to very sick patients with Covid-19 and determined it wasn't safe or effective.

    Declared interests

    Prof Martin Landray: “Co-chief investigator of the RECOVERY trial of potential treatments for COVID-19 (funded by UKRI and NIHR). Research funding to University of Oxford received from Novartis, Boehringer Ingelheim, and Merck Sharp & Dohme.

    “Infrastructure and core funding received from Health Data Research UK, NIHR Oxford Biomedical Research Centre, UK Biobank Ltd, MRC Population Health Research Unit, and British Heart Foundation Centre for Research Excellence. Employee of University of Oxford with salary supported by Li Ka Shing Foundation, Health Data Research UK, NIHR Oxford Biomedical Research Centre, Wellcome Trust, and National Health Service.”


  2. Just a thought ; if vitamin D and Ivermectin are effective against Covid might they also be effective against more common yearly flu, which also kills a lot of people?

  3. True, it's not big pharma that's the problem. If you vote for one of the two parties of the duopoly, YOU are the problem! Don't vote for a Republican OR a Democrat. They are good cop / bad cop. They both are in the pocket of the sick-care industrial complex. The only way to change is to ignore the rhetoric the two parties put out there that get us arguing with each other on stupid topics. We need to get rid of all of them by voting for none of them!

  4. Linked below is current data from Vadodara India, a city of 2 million
    where a COVID-19 outbreak began 6 months ago, and where 342,000
    residents were given hydroxychloroquine sulfate as prophylaxis. Now
    6 months later the deaths are 202. That death total is VERY LOW
    compared with many areas of similar population density where HCQS
    has not been used. It shows a more than tenfold reduction in deaths.
    Extrapolating Vadodara data to the US it reasonably means 180,000
    less people would have died, had the "game changer" of Vadodara
    been freely implemented in the US. But HCQS wasn't used because
    there are so many "geniuses" in their own minds who think they are
    smarter than Trump, being so irrational in that belief that the lives of
    thousands of human beings are pawns in the "more virtuous intellect"
    of any obsessive Trump hater. Prime Minister Modi of India is not
    a stupid man and neither is President Trump. Many critics of both
    good men are true imbeciles of the Darwin Award variety. What kind
    of moron would send COVID-19 patients to nursing homes instead of
    sending those sick people to an isolation ward ?




    Resurgence potential exists with seasonal changes for obvious reasons.
    This causes me to become an ad hoc apothecary stocked with medicines
    that have been becoming subject to shortages. Many people are thinking
    on a parallel path and doing exactly the same thing as a preparedness.

    We are taking the nutritional supplement prophylaxis for the past 6 months.
    Quercetin / zinc, selenium, Vitamin D, K1, A, C, B1, NAC, melatonin, added
    to the usual One A Day or Centrum multivitamin. I keep a good supply of the
    supplements, prophylaxis, and treatment prescription meds for immediate use
    if needed.

    SARS-CoV-2 generally presents in children as a benign childhood disease
    like chicken pox, not a serious risk for children, but more dangerous for adults.
    There are several other virus types similarly are not generally dangerous for
    children, for example Epstein-Barr Virus, but are generally dangerous to adults.
    SARS-CoV-2 is an addition to the list of what is now an emergent childhood
    disease no adult should suffer.

    Children have less ACE2 cell receptors (more appear as you grow older).
    Compensation for the generation gap that is inherent for such an unusual virus,
    is provided by supplements and medicines to augment and refine the immune
    response of the adults who are disadvantaged of course, being already grownups
    when first exposed to the disease.


    As I understand it a reasonable theory on masking usefulness relates to limiting
    the number of infectious particles on exposure. For example, when the mails
    were contaminated with anthrax powder that was inhaled, it was observed that
    mortality was related to the number of spore particles inhaled at initial exposure,
    and this is a general rule that is also observed for SARS-CoV-2 particles. Being
    lightly exposed and infected is less dangerous, than being heavily exposed and
    more infected, when the doubling rate takes off after the incubation period.




  5. Dr. Beens, my doctor did not want to discuss with me any prevention of this virus even though I tried to tell him that 6 of my famiy members who live in the same household had the virus and I had been exposed to it. I sent them the protocol and within two weeks they had recovered and without the after-effects that the "long haulers" have. They did not take the ivermectin.  

    Because I was with these family members before they received the results of the test, I also went on the protocol prophylactically and self quarantined. It has been a month since I was exposed and I never had one symptom although being over 70, I am in the highrisk group. So if one's doctor doesn't believe in this how do you find a doctor who will in case I do ever get it. I'm thinking of sending him the link to your website.

    BTW, I live in Chicago so I would think there must surely be a doctor in this town who is up on the latest regarding this virus. How would I find him/her.

  6. Thanks Dr. Been for identifying the problem of big Pharma and insurance and our political representatives. I always wondered why the scientific community has been virtually silent on addressing this issue. You are definitely a national treasure

  7. VIT C can and does increase NO. In lowish amounts orally this can stimulate immune system. IV high dose overcomes the NO part of the problem and that is where Vit C shines.

    Oral low dose Vit C should not be taken by long haulers, using NO inhibitor works best for those. Dexamethasone for example, works, because it is also a NO inhibitor. Not as good as lysine, but you can get the picture.

  8. The side effect of tingling arms and legs in relation to covid is actual anticoagulant/blood thinner activity of quercetin. This is a plus, indicating that it works.

  9. DR Been with all due respect, your perspective re enabling the "INNATE ARM" might be detrimental re "Auto-immunity" belies the fact that Disregulation is Nutrient lack based which C19 has taught us all ….

    I have in the past during a PE episode Family member advised 1 gram per hr vit C with great results.

    Unless we eat ourselves too death consciously informed minus supplementation, your not going to ingest anywhere near what Human biology requires.

    The actual horror story were micro-nutrient values tested globally would demand Governments prioritize X

    Trump, takes sudafed (caveat this is posted) as do millions worldwide …
    C19 amelioration MAYBE ?

    Love this channel and shared it where it matters XXXXXXX

  10. They do not give antivirals and antibodies to regular people. They seem to only in the final stages, if at all. You are correct the regular people are told stay home and take tylenol and liquids. Since the beginning of the pandemic the response has been by the medical community, "novel virus no proven treatement.". I was even told by a pulmonoligist from Yale Childrens hospital in New Haven that there is absolutely no treatment available for the virus or the subsequent cytokinetic storm, which I knew was false but I was polite and just listened to the 'expert'. I think some people may get lucky and run into a Dr. who is educated and brave enough to risk his malpractice rates and offer antimicrobals even to take at home and avoid a hospital. Most regular people unfortunatley get either PAs or registered nurses at an urgent care or ER who have less education, or a Dr who is afraid to get sued. This is why people like Dr. Been are so important for us regular folk to be able to get an education from during this pandemic. 🙏☺️

  11. Trump's been fever-free for the last 24 hours. Moving on to phase two of the illness and not yet out of danger. Although I guess it's a good sign if the oxygen level in his blood is back to normal. Is that unusual, a one day drop in a person's O2 level?

  12. I would love to know how the 80 yr old with 70% 02 sats fares.

    In the early days of C19, a symptom known as "walking hypoxia" was documented extensively .. IE Lucidity in spite of.

    My two-penneth was that the pulse-oxymeter given blood supply is withdrawn from the extremities, the signal is weak, and arterial blood would clarify actual saturation.

    OR miraculously they have "HYMALAYAN DNA" X.

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