1. I think the thing that baffles me the most is that republicans are so money centric. That a majority of their platform is spending less than democrats on things by taxing less and stuff. If theyÔÇÖre so money hungry (all politicians are, but the republicans platform is based on being the ÔÇťsmarter economyÔÇŁ) you would think a billion dollar crop would stop em in their boots. I mean the way it is taxed in CO, WA, CA, and OR is impressive. It is used to help all sorts of stuff around the states. (Building and expanding Schools, bettering education, homelessness housing and food, plus so much more. All with weed taxes. Additionally we only have 30% opposed and somehow itÔÇÖs still illegal? I thought our laws stated if it is more than 2/3 (majority support) it is passed.

  2. Free the weed!!! Proper cultivation laws are more important than just legal herb because the herb has to come from somewhere.

    Some states don't allow cultivation like NJ. I don't get it, they just voted on commercial weed not legal weed there is a difference.

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