1. Hey bro I appreciate your honesty and openness on this topic for real. Been getting high for some years now and for the past year I’ve been wanting to stop to gain a higher state of consciousness/awareness among other things. Finding this kind of genuine content helps me out big time. Thank you bro! Keep at it!🙏

  2. Thank you so much for sharing. I’m on the struggle bus right now with my quit. I’ve been trying to quit the past 5 years. I tried quitting for 2020 but my partner didn’t help with my habit. I’m single now so I’m focusing on 2121 to be my final quit. I’ve been so lazy, CHILL not doing the things I want to do because I end up high and it’s like ahhh I’m so over it but for real it’s a addiction. I believe in myself I just know it’s going to be a rocky journey but I know I’m strong but fack! I’m so thankful for your share. I definitely need the support

  3. Day 2 of no smoking, I searched up how to stop smoking weed and came to your videos I appreciate your positivity and journey KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK MAN u motivate people like me 💯

  4. Yeah, I was the guy saying weeds not addicting. Funny , I smoked as soon my eyes opened in the morning until the closed at night, but I’m not addicted 😂 EVERYTHING I did I had to be high. I’m 63 days sober and I got this. I feel so much better after 20 fucking straight years. KEEP IT UP RAY!!! You da man!!!

  5. love it! congratulations man, I strongly believe in you to keep going! have been sober the third day now and your vid played a big part in me not having a smoke today sheesh hahaha i guess the biggest part has been done, while now keeping it that way will probably be easier but difficult nevertheless. I feel like having more energy, more focus, more productivity, more vibrancy, i feel good!

  6. Okkkkk you can skate 👀👀 for real thanks for these videos I’m rooting for you! I tried quitting last year and realized when I quit I gained weight & that triggered my ED so I started to smoke again. I’m on my way to getting sober again but I need better coping mechanisms! I need to start skating & drawing & falling into my hobbies again. Smoking and eating are not the only ways to deal with feelings!!!

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