1. Hi I am 100% permanent disabled and would like to buy a house using my VA benefit to make the mortgage payments. I would like to know if the VA can stop my benefit payments sometime in the future for some reason?

  2. The house is actually looking at passing a bill to up SSA by 3%, which is the first useful thing they’ve tried in years. If that passes the VA will get 3% too, providing it makes it through the senate. Here’s hoping because I get both…

  3. My VSR just received my DBQ's from my exams. meh- what's a month late right? This morning i checked my case and it said I had no claims filed. I almost died but refreshed and it's all good. How often does late payments occur with the VA? Reliable enough that I can do auto-pay for a mortgage?

  4. Anyone know of some common secondary claims to a veterans service connected cervical and lumbar besides sciatica / radiculopathy and side effects from meds used to treat back conditions.

  5. Have my c&p exam this coming Wednesday I’ve been told you’re not going to except my DBQ for PTSD. I will let you know what happens keep your fingers crossed I don’t look for nothing good out of a C&P Will let you know what I find out when I do take care brother you’re doing a good job go cloud I said woof woof

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