1. you cant tell from this video is what im saying. I;ve had harvests where my trichomes are very much done and new calyxes are still growing, this could be a similar situation, you can just say "those buds need a few mroe weeks" you're not there, you didnt look at them with a magnifying glass

  2. i luv how everyone has got to act like there fucking the best gardener around there a hundreds of way to grow fuckin weed, 90% of the douchebags that post these comments are just recycling shit they heard personally i like outdoor growing in cornfeilds

  3. hes just going to make the government unregulate it. its up to your state government to make it legal/ medical. its muc easier to change your states mind tho, with e-mails and letters. still vote ron paul tho, hes the only choice!

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