1. if anyone has an issue with cancer or any other disease take a look at the documentary called "run from the cure"….also Marinol does not work at all………………..screw the government and this crazy health system………….they are supposed to be serving us, not themselves…………………….

  2. SAD SAD SAD. Her daughter died? WHY, when the extracted oil (hash oil or RSO as previously mentioned) used topically and ingested would have saved her life, no doubt. It is a good step when people finally see the amazing truth of the cannabis plant, but INGESTION and TOPICAL use is what NEEDS to get to the masses. Help spread the word: cannabis oil kills most cancers, THANK YOU RICK SIMPSON and ALL OTHERS in the fight.

  3. The lady in the video, is over weight… obviously has an imbalance in her system. Cannabis can fix that too, it is a universal miracle. I say let them suffer alone, don't bring me along. If you jump off the bridge, why do I have to go with you? WTH.

  4. You didn't offend me at all. Just sparked a fire, that is inside me, about Liberty and Freedom. You know, there should be intolerance for the intolerant! The thing is if you know what that plant can do for you, it is so amazing. I just can't understand the stubbornness of these people, Millions and millions of chronically ill people all say the same thing, prescription drugs don't work, make them worse and Cannabis actually works. They say noway, just because, and that is their reason.

  5. I understand Matt. I didn't intend to offend you. The end result of this video, I hope, will be that more 'anti-pot' citizens will see it and their opinions may well change. The more people who learn of the medicinal value of cannabis the better. We as people can force a change in government policies and eventually have the medicine that works for us. I've been pushing and hoping for legalisation in my country (Australia) for over thirty years now.

  6. I do have a major intolerance for people that want to force their opinions on to me, to make me a criminal, to call me mentally deficient, that force me to be a second class citizen, pull my rights for school loans, destroy my credit, deny me health care(force me to die), on and on and on. All because I don't want to be a swelled up ball of petro chemicals like them. I'd rather be healthy and live with nature as one, as we all should, but that should be our choice to make, not some ignoramus.

  7. Ignorance yes. As in she didn't know. Why? Because mainstream media follows the corporate line of 'Reefer Madness'. Bigotry? Only because of her ignorance. You yourself could be considered a bigot because of your avid support of cannabis & lack of tolerance of anyone who is against cannabis because of their ignorance.
    Ignorant: Lacking in knowledge of a particular subject, or lacking knowledge generally.
    Bigotry: Intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself.

  8. This is heart wrenching. I lost my partner to glioblastoma multiforme (a grade 4 brain cancer), because our governments are (in my opinion) in the pockets of major corporations who make profit by keeping this medicine illegal.In effect, they murdered my wife.

  9. Marijuana is a herb that God put on this planet. Educate yourself on the medical healing of this plant.
    All I ask is that you go to you tube and type in ,RUN FROM THE CURE, Rick Simpson. Then look up, Dad Gives Cannabis Oil to Toddler Battling Brain Cancer – Medical Marijuana Now I ask you,if your child was dying from brain cancer wouldn't you try everything in your power to save your child? This plant has saved many lives,big pharma doesn't like that. It is all about power ,money and control.

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  12. Ya know, I was just thinking about some of the things she said, and she is right the local cops aren't going to bust a well off Vet or any upper class citizen that is seen to be on the same team as the cops. They only bust poorer lower class people with pot laws, not war vets and upper middle class. The police and courts all across the country don't enforce the laws evenly. Same where I live, some of those people are so bold, and know that they can do what ever they want.

  13. I hope she educates herself. CBD shrinks tumors = decreasing pain. Rick Simpson's Cannabis Oil could have saved her daughters life not just relieved her pain. A cure not a band aid. I'd hate to be her after finding out she left her child die because of her own ignorance and bigotry.

  14. I'm not the one saying "I don't care" then going on & on showing that yes, in fact, you DO care. There's your truth. Sorry it didn't upset me like you hoped. Please continue to try to ruin someone else's day.
    (you forget: I smoke pot so I'm more mellow than you!)

  15. I'm not some champion of marijuana, but i hate it when people speak against marijuana as if it's some life-destroying drug on par with heroin or meth. People who think that way really are like overly frightened medieval townspeople.

  16. The thing is it is a storm in a tea cup, your daughter is dying, who really gives a shit of the unlikely chance of being prosecuted and even then no one in their right mind would take this case to court. It is a prime example of the fear the government has managed to create in its naive weak minded citizens, thankfully this is clearly changing. Really though it should not take such a dire situation for someone to open their eyes and show some guts.

  17. I don't see hypocrisy here. Ms. Whiting wasn't opposed to legal drugs, only to illegal drugs. She is now advocating for the legalization of medical marijuana. Her fear wasn't that her daughter would get addicted to drugs (she was dying), but that she and her daughter would be arrested for possession of an illegal drug. She's taking a brave stance, acknowledging criminal use of marijuana in her home.

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