1. People would shit if they were able to look Into our boy a little deeper, awesome story, inspiring, and very smart…..oh yeah and he can sort of jump and flail around a little using his body to reenact a seizure in mid flight pretty sort of good….sort of…..depends….oh and also looks like he might of maybe worked out once in high school or at least knew the guy who at 13 benched 993.7 kilopunders for a triple single, inverted double……for three sets….pyramid…..mayan style!!Lol

  2. Also the more someone builds a dependence on MJ natural CB receptors are reduced and alot of people may find themselves eating less without the supplementation of MJ. Because MJ is an appetite stimulant and the constant use of appetite stimulants can affect natural hunger.

  3. Too bad I’ve never been good with weed since it’s a great option when you train serious and have goals.. If I drink I can’t stick to just some drinks, I drink 20 and always try to score coke or speed.. Vicious destructive cycle. But I’m completely sober now and life has never been better. If you can’t handle substances and it makes your life worse – why even bother.

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