1. Hey man alot of these seed banks have the correct EC or ppm for each strain,…I get my beans from Herbie's and they always have that info…it will increase your yields dramatically, I average about 150 grams per plant on autos and I got the same set up except for lights I got two Spiderfarmer SF4000s follow those stats and be careful because you can burn your plants with organic nutrients, foop is trying to sell their products so they will try to get you to use as much as possible and it doesn't take that much… autos are easy to burn been growing them for years…I usually use half of what it calls for on autos and just a quarter for synthetics…if you are using too much you will see slow growth at first and when they start flowering you will see it in the leaves…if you want the big yields cut back on the nutes…LST and when they start side branching and get about 15 to 24 inches tall supercrop that main stalk top and spread her out then tie down the side branches and that supercroping will stop the upward growth and kick in all the nodes on your side branches all of this needs to be done by day 40… also fill those pots up all the way before you even put a seed in the ground because when you water it will pack down the dirt and more dirt more roots and bigger plants…and when you start growing bigger plants you can grow less plants I can fill my 4×8 with 10 autos and you can't see the floor, and if I'm growing photos I can fill the tent with 2 plants but it takes a little extra veg time…too many plants can hurt your growth because they can't breathe…you remind me of myself when I was younger…and you got a nice set-up and I wish you the best of luck dude

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