1. hey remo could you give a flavour profile on the zombie kush seriously thinking about starting this strain here in the uk. just not overly excited for a kush {roasted peanut taste} thanx man great vids

  2. Hey Remo, did you ever plan to review classic Europe strains, haze and cheese variants, especially Amsterdam's classics like Amnesia haze, Super Silverhaze, blue cheese, white whidow and stuff ? :-)))

  3. you should add a sunday runday to the line up…and you could do nug/trim runs and rosin presses and check the results/return of different top genetics. or sunday funday, and you could just do whatever with no rhyme or reason, just hanging out with the viewers letting us in on some of the fun that may be illegal for some of us to have lol. thanks for the great info btw on how to grow amazing plants, many dollars have been spent to keep some of this knowledge suppressed and i hope and look forward to do my part to add to the free flow of information that will keep shedding light not only this movement, but the entire medicinal plant world and allowing us regular people to take our health back into our own hands. God bless you and your team for what you have done for this culture. hope to be a part of it very soon.

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