1. Hey my friend . I have been following your grow and would like to offer a little advice if I may . Start some new seeds pronto . These ones are in trouble .

    The yellowing and all the other deficiencies you have are from nothing else then overwatering . 100% donโ€™t care what anyone else says .

    When you over water the root hairs drown . They are what absorb all the nutrients. This creates the cycle your in now . Where you think there underfed when they are overwatered . So you feed them . Then they get over feed . Itโ€™s all the watering my brother . They want more dry days then wet days

    When you try to flower your are going to have nothing but more problems . Mark my words.

    Let me help you get twice what you are getting now in half the time and half the effort . Iโ€™d love to help .

  2. All we can do is learn from things going wrong. Good for you on showing the good and the bad, I love seeing other folks talking about it honestly. I am hoping that nothing goes crazy in our life this winter as we are likely going to have three tents going indoor for our winter grows =)

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