1. I really like the phenotype of Lemon 🍋 Zkittlez 🍭 , only strain I got goin right now but lemon zkittlez is the sh*t at least this special pheno don’t know where it came from tho sadly, it was a gift.

  2. I give you props on that color change especially cuz its indoor. I been using a product called purpinator and it helps keep that ph at 6.0 range the whole grow and those fades and colors just come out towards the end of grow. im getting more purple this run using purpinator so basically its a purp and terp sauce that plants love. it just came out 2020 product and I highly recomend it

  3. Hey Danner looking sweet again as usual lol I really want your set up it’s a awesome set up .
    Question. Do you just cut and bag it and throw in freezer or do you dry it first ? I dry first then freeze it . Thanks stay safe bud . 👋👋👋

  4. VERY impressive grow room gromie! You deserve alot more subscribers and views without a doubt! Very proper living organics garden. Amazing job! Keep up the great work and you most DEFINITELY have a new follower and fellow TLO grower here, 4th generation myself. Can't wait to see more. Would love to know and see your yields as well if possible. 1luv

  5. Why so much unused space in your flower room? I understand if you dont need that much or something, just curious why not. If that were me that shit would be packed wall to wall and Id be scooting around on a tiny shop bench on wheels haha

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