1. Firstly people were predicting that the new e cigs would lead to problems and then direct people back to regular cigs a few years ago. Secondly, theo nly people for regulation regarding cannabis were the bitch made urban growers, namely hipsters with too many piercings that boggle the mind and dreads when they have no right to em, as well as well to do business men and women that just rent out warehouses in low rent neighborhoods and blow up the spot. The average grower was never for regulation, but a long time ago, Jack Herer foretold thelegalization of weed though, and some criticized it saying it owuld be misused by the government and not lead to the WEED DREAM UTOPIA that many foolishly believed it all would. *shrugs * We called it.

  2. My country has legal medical Cannabis. Of course, you will not find it in pharmacies for obvious reasons. We can't have hemp replacing timber for paper and everything else. Our millionaire deforesters need their millions for their mansions and luxury cars and underage lovers of both sexes.

  3. I have discussed this with others. Are they also going to ban flavored alcohol. Do they expect a regular bar visitors to to in and buy cotton candy vodka? Skmetbings tells me no. Will kids drink it? Most definitely as long as they can get their hands on it

  4. This is all a bunch of paranoia just stop vaping if it freaks YOU out smoke a bowl and just quit your juul I did it and it wasn't 1/10 as big of a deal as it seemed like it was gonna be.

  5. brett is in the bathtub making soup for the ambassadors
    and i am in the hallway singing to the troubadours
    and the kings are all lined up outside the gate
    and the autumn bell is ringing but they'll just have to wait
    where is the joker have you seen him around
    with his three-coned cap that he wears like a crown
    have you seen his striped stockings or heard his sad tales
    about the kids under the carpet and the purple humpback whale

    here come the ambassadors, they show up one by one
    brett is tasting all the soup to see if it is done
    wendy's on the window sill waiting to be let in
    and we're all in the bathtub now making bathtub gin
    the kings storm the hallway, they've climbed up through the gates
    they didn't mean to be impolite, but they just couldn't wait
    here comes the joker with his silly grin
    he carries a martini made of bathtub gin

  6. Don't be too excited for "government weed." Hasn't been turning out to well in Ontario. With too much regulation and controls, it's not cheaper than the illegal market so it's just a giant do nothing tax funded sinkhole…

    Minimally regulated private is the way to go. Federally legalize.

  7. This is definitely gonna be the smoking gun that gets cannabis legalized, because now we have concrete justification to say "look, people are fuckin dying from these goddamn alleyway THC cartridges & if cannabis were actually legal, this shit would not be happening– ergo, keeping it as a Class A drug is detrimental to society in the long run."

  8. Smoking for nicotine is completely awful and useless. No one should be smoking period. Smoking destroys your body especially the liver. Smoking herb is different because it's the flower releasing oils.

  9. I keep seeing dumbass boomers saying that teens just LOVE blowing phat clouds because they think it makes them look cool, and in my experience that couldn't be farther from the truth. Every time someone tries to show off a big cloud or a trick or whatever, they get roasted and called a fag. Maybe that's just the culture around my area though.

  10. It was unregulated vitamin E garbage that becomes toxic when vaporized not legit vaping! Fuck I hate this shit. I quit smoking thanks to vaping years ago and I feel great. Goddamn tobacco fuckers still coming for my ass. Fuck you!

  11. "Then they should be punished alongside the kids"

    So kids from shitty parents get to be punished twice? Wanting to rely on parents is a nice sentiment, but if we want actual progress and not just agreeable words, we need systematic change. I think weed, laziness, and alcohol is frying their brains. More and more rarely do they offer any insightful takes on just about anything. "Then don't watch!" – I probably won't, if they keep it up.

  12. Imo I really think all this vape hysteria is just the tobacco industry trying to protect its turf.
    That said, I'm totally behind turning this around into legalization.

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