1. I had a bad experience with my endoca cbd last week. It was the end of the bottle and was past the sell by date by about 5 months. Had taken before lots of times but this last time the reaction I got was like I was completely high. I couldn’t function properly, I was drifting in and out of consciousness. Seeing things in a really weird way. It completely freaked me out. How is this possible? It was thicker than usual as it was the bottom of the bottle but it shouldn’t have made me high as there isn’t supposed to be thc in it. Could it change chemically as it was old? Cbd is so helpful but this reaction really scared me.

  2. God bless you. Keep pushing for legality here in Australia. I’ve tired your pure CO2 extracted whole plant CBD oil and it was so much more effective than I’d ever imagined. Thank you.

  3. Allergy can come from nature also 🤣

    If people are born by cesarean section, they can have a lack of bacteria at birth
    That can cause allergy and asta for example
    (But if you are exposed to plenty of bacteria in the first year of life.. you might not have those problems)

    Nothing to do with chemicals, its a lack of natural bacteria that causes it in many cases.
    Not a chemical in the body..

    Allergy is more the food allergy, it can come from a outside source.
    Or it can come from a inside source..
    Its not as simple as you make it out.

    Hemp and cannabis can also cause allergic reactions.
    Please stop yourself.
    I have seen it more then 1 time, when people work with it.

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