1. I like you as a doctor. I have had a lot of questions on the CBD as there is not much evidence out there and has not been tested. I know about marijuana as I am an older lady that has dabbled in it for years as it helps you if you have a stomach problem. Today, I will not mess with it till night time or if I am having a stomach ache, which is very rare. I have a prescription for the medical m. but it gets you so high I will not smoke it during the day. I like to keep going, not sit around all screwed up. But the kids these days like to just smoke it every 5 minutes and another side effect is that you don't want to do a darn thing. I am more into Holistic Medicine than pharmacutical. Thank you for these videos. God Bless.

  2. i've been a medical marijuana patient for 2 years now and i'm happy to report that i haven't turned into a reggae fan. (also, i'm scheduled for ketamine treatment for untreatable depression because it's worked in the past. wish me luck !)

  3. never met a single person yet who said full spectrum cbd tincure didnt help them with pain, anxiety, sleep issues, neuropathy, epilepsy, parkinson's, Alzheimer's….the list goes on. i spend 13 hours with patients and hate to see a doctor waltz in for 5 minutes and bash hemp infront ofa patient or family who know the truth…the doc loses all credibility.

  4. Herein lies the problem with legalizing weed: you can sit and get completely drunk and you will be the only one affected. Smoke weed and everyone near you gets a second hand high ( including children). I used to have neighbors who had pot parties in their yard most weekends, they did try to cover it up by having a bonfire,but I could smell it and feel the affects if I were in my yard (I recognized it because I have past). There were plenty of kids in the neighborhood who played outside.

  5. I’m followed by five Roman senators who think I’m Caesar and it’s always the ides of March after a spinal crush injury. Cannabis (indicas especially), taken legally as an edible, does wonders for the spasms and initial stabbing… which really hurts because someone gave them lightsaber daggers…

  6. I don't know about anyone else. But I start taking full spectrum cbd oil about 2 months ago for severe osteoarthritis in my knees and right hip. They are bone on bone and have been for a few years now. I'm only 54 and have been in constant pain for about 2 years. Within a week my pain decreased by at least 50%. I was taking 660 mg of Naproxen twice a day and now only take 440 mg twice a day. Sometimes I even forget to take the naproxen because pain just isn't bad enough to remind me. And I also have the bonus that it helps me sleep. I used to have to take Diphenydramine 50 mg to ensure a good nights sleep. Not anymore. So as long as it keeps working I will continue to take it and sing ita praises. But I do realize that it doesn't work the same for everyone.

  7. I was on the fence about you until this video. The first one I saw was on chronic pain, but I didn’t get to watch the whole thing so I withheld judgment until now. The one thing that helps me most is illegal. I could probably get completely off these opioids that I hate if I could legally use pot, or at least get away with it, but I gotta take those pee test. I’ve got a screwed up back. Injections don’t work for me. Any suggestions? And don’t ask that Doc Vader guy. I’m pretty sure I’ve been to him.

  8. CBD oil for me was of no help for my RA, RA pain, anxiety for not getting proper opioid pain medication and management of the chronic pain. Nothing for me. ☹️ What I don't get is pushing people with chronic pain onto this or MMJ to tighten up further on opioid scripts? More suffering for chronic pain persons. One controlled substance to another? A gateway drug that is, as you pointed out, experiencing a sea change in how it is regarded. This sea change is being driven IMO to further control the opioid scripts. I think patients whose lives have been devastated by the CDC "guidelines" on opioid usage should file a class action suit against them. It's only getting worse out here for those of us who had lives and jobs and controlled pain prior to the "guidelines" and are now … Well, it's hell. No life, no job, no controlled pain. So sorry.

  9. Zdogg, when are you going to stop regurgitating the same info we all already have googled, and think like a scientist? Think how do these studies relate? How can we infer information that OTHER people havent put into study form yet?—because you aint about to! All you do is look this up on google and then act like you know it all. Then when non-Gods like the majority of us look up this info and try to inform our drs—they complain that we think we are google docs.
    Your show is all google-doc info. Hypocrite.

  10. After having brain surgery for brain cancer, and being on opioids, which really messed me up inpatient, I use this MEDICATION, which is what it should be referred to as, because it is a medicine, first over everything else. When used appropriately, it can be an effective pain medication. This medicine, although extremely expensive, is also extremely effective.

  11. Marijuana doesn't make the doctor's money…. This "man" makes no money from marijuana… Hence the reason he produced this video! Rebellion!!!! Easy as that!!! Easy peasy as my kids like to say! And I got some healthy kids cuz I birthed them at home!!!? So they can yell at the top of their lungs easy-peasy!!!! Human beings weren't born with a doctor attached their ass! So detached this man from your ass!

  12. It helps a little with my neuropathy pain, but it works very well to promote sleep, in my case. Doesn't help my other chronic pain. Thanks for the info about the liver. I'll ask for those tests. I'm talking about CBD oil, no THC. I'm one of those that hallucinates with THC. And I hate a lot that there are not more recent studies I can read.

  13. Thanks for this. I have a acquaintance that just opened a medical marijuana shop and is going to 12 step programs talking people into how it's the cure all to all of their problems including drug addiction.

  14. Well I can speak and give some anecdotal evidence. Cbd has been a much better route for my anxiety then any SSRI or anti anxiolytic. It’s not a cure all but has helped me tremendously. It’s a major tool in overcoming anxiety and depression. Stay away from thc if you have anxiety and can worsen and turn into something more!

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