1. Does anyone have experience with a dog that has OCD/ spins in circles etc and cbd oil helped like was mentioned in this video? My dog I believe has autism, never looks in your eyes, hates to be touched, spins in circles constantly, ect. I gave him cbd for the first time just now, I have hopes it will help!

  2. The problem with cbd oil is the price , I have been smoking cannabis many years and it in my opinion is an amazing plant with many good sides , however there is a backside with it , when smoking one of the byproducts is tar a lot of it .
    Sadly enough cannabis is still classed as a very dangerous drug in many countries amongst them Sweden where I live but even here the attitude is slowly turning .
    My lungs are in not such a good shape one of the reasons is cannabis . Cannabis should be handled like any medical drug WITH CARE , well I haven't so now I pay the price .

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