1. Do you have a COA , certificate of analysis for your product? This would show us what exactly is in each of your products. Is it triple lab tested? Is yours Tested for impurities and poisons? Is yours tested for potency of CBD? This is what makes selling CBD legal in the USA and why the FDA is also cracking down because people are buying bogus and impure products on the market and there are many of them. Is yours CO2 extracted oil or do you use solvents?

  2. I had cbd Isolate used for sleep and upset stomach it didn’t help me really maybe lol sleep didn’t help my belly I try full spectrum I went to store they give me sample it helped dose thc help for pain or something what’s thc for someone I talked to said thc good for a lot of things is it ?? I deal with upset stomach all the time I hate it how many mg Would u recommend for that and acid reflux and sometimes my sugar goes high get back soon my dr said I can have cd in my mouth I just can’t breath it my dr said breathing vape is not good for your lungs my dr said I have cystic fibrosis lung disease and breathing what I need hoe much mg

  3. Please tell me if this is good cbd oil

    pure cbd oil was made from cbd isolate by mixing with carrier oil such as hemp seed oil, mct oil, coconut oil

    Cbd oil full spectrum not only contains cbd, but also other cannabinoids such as cbdv, cbg, thcv,
    Thank you

  4. Catherine: I'm new to this whole thing! I myself am a cancer survivor. But the chemotherapy has destroyed my nervous system. Much of my symptoms are similar to MS. I have bad headaches, stomach problems, Anxiety, and burning hands, arms, and feet. along with extream joint pain! The doctor says they can do no more and that I should be happy I'm alive, learn to live with it. My dad, on the other hand, is suffering from heart, and kidney issues, along with the shakes and extream anxiety. He is currently on dialysis and I think their drugs that they give him have little effect and no hope on his overall being! He Is wiped out all the time due to the dialysis and facing death. We are both veterans and deal with the veterans hospital. Can you direct us in the right direction to feel more comfortable without the high effect? I realize that CBD will not cure us! I myself am self-employed and have to work. Benefits for me or my dad are nonexistent! I could go on and on but I think you get the picture Please help! I can always send you an email if that is better. Thank you!~ Brett

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