1. Love the Chanel man , I’m very disappointed with the led lights on amazon , EVERYONE MAKE SURE TO CHECK THE ACTUAL WATTS PULLED FROM THE WALL THAT IS WHAT THE WATTAGE IS .. A 1500 watt led with a power draw of 175 watts means its a little less then 175 watts because it powers the fans as well

  2. Greetings lex , I have a question for you that I can't seem to get an answer to here in the UK.
    When i use extra feed other than base nutes in order to find the perfect balance of Npk at different stages (making a single solution each feed).
    Am I right in thinking that in example of mixing solutions with npk of:-
    1/1/1 to 0/2/2 to 0/0/2 will result in a feed of 1/3/5.
    Just adding each element on the the corresponding one and so on ?
    hmm or am I thinking this one over too much

  3. Thanks for doing your part in getting this valuable information out there without any bs. Now you can just send this video over for anyone skeptical or confused.

  4. Should I be concerned about a drug test taking CBD? I'm sure it depends on the quality. The company I work for goes the extra mile on random drug test they use pee and hair. Go back 3 months

  5. Yes have bad anxiety and inflammation bad don't like the head high all day just at nite sleep time red hood and 4 pain is unbearable today on my foot help me thanks got my growers license gonna start growing 4 pain

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