1. I was excited when you showed the heating pad bc as you know it’s my best friend. heating pads ARE underrated!! my heating pad is a lifesaver and is the only thing that actually relieves the intense pain I have when I get my recurring pinched nerves. I am super intrigued by the Himalayan salt balls!! I feel like it would feel really good on the shoulder blades/back to use them up against a wall. this also reminded me I need to start practicing yoga again on my good days. thanks for all the tips and tricks em!!

  2. I NEED to try the CBD salve, it’s been recommended to me for my rheumatoid arthritis and pain but it’s so expensive here so I haven’t done it.South Dakota is finally legal now and I hope to be able to treat my PTSD. Thank you for this video 💖✨ Also- random but I have both the bags the unicorn and wine colored bag lol!!

  3. Thanks for sharing Emit! 😊 I've got pretty constant pain related to anxiety-induced muscle tension and old injuries (back + neck), and I also use tiger balm / A535, exercise bands, heating pad, and a posture holder, massage therapy, and theracane's on the 'to buy' list. 100% re: medication; for me it's ibuprofen/naproxen and methocarbamol on bad days. I'm lucky that walks for me are really good for my pain — I tend to get rather stiff and then achy if I'm still too much (which I need to be for my desk job), so walk as much as I can and use an elliptical in winter (because thanks Raynauds, another invisible condition, cold weather makes everything worse!), plus stretches and exercises from physiotherapy. Additional chronic pain tools I love — the heating pads full of rice/beans that go in the microwave (cheap, don't need a plug, safe to sleep on), and I'd also count 'investing in good shoes and/or insoles' for me because for back pain it's a big difference. Invisible disabilities – I hear you + see you! ❤️

  4. Allow me to introduce you to the Trigger Point (brand) 5", get the 5" trigger point body rolling ball. Ball on the wall is amazeballs!!!! My favorite body rolling tool eva….

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