1. if you work at a dispensary that's non profit can you make profits from the stickers, shirts, grinders, papers, music you sell there if I owned a dispensary that's non profit those would be one of the few items I would try selling to make some money to pay my bills and shit.

  2. Man, I just don't get it. American has always said we are the land of the free, there is nothing free about this fucking place. So basically now patients are gonna be paying more and deals probably go out the window. I'm one of the people who don't use pills prescribed by dr. Because I don't like how they work with my body, sounds like that's gonna be the only shit we will be able to afford. When things become all profit, people immediately start raising prices on things… Good luck America…

  3. God dam government what does it matter to you money whores. Very informational video thank you! Sucks not everyone will be able to grow for them selves if the city says no and now a days they will judge you and then give you a yes or no:(

  4. The no branding rule seems like such a stupid ignorant decision and wow that is pretty fucked that people with falonies can't come in to the marijuana business but I hope if this does past it will limit the number of dishonest people looking to rart the system so they don't ruin it for everyone. Good to see that the government in Australia are now looking at the option to using marijuana as medicine given all the benefits that have been proven.

  5. written by the police, politicians and big dispensary owners to profit themselves. it's similar to what happened in colorado and elsewhere but even worse.
    they are all statist authoritarian criminals.

  6. Corporations own our politicians because they fund their election campaigns, this is why this legislation was created without any input from the cannabis community and is geared to give corporations control of weed in the future while limiting rights of those who consume. I hope Californians get off their asses to campaign and vote for full legalization next year, otherwise the industry and consumers are screwed.

  7. currently anyone can raise a defense for a grow that is a member of a collective. after these licenses, only the cartel can grow and there will be no collectives a year after licenses are first issued. this will leave all the mom and pop growers out of the game.

  8. we voted and wanted a regulated market. this is what regulations are.
    non profit was used before so it couldnt be taxed, these regulations are being placed so they can tax it.
    Ever hear a story of a medical patient ingesting an extract containing mold, pesticides, or growth regulators and it cause them to be even more ill? Well this would stop that.
    Welcome to the skewed world of business, regulations, and politics

  9. Just buy off the black market the way it's always been the government always messes everything up they want there share they feel like there not getting enough government more like the mafia doing a shake down

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