1. If a plant natural to mother earth can help ease a childs seizures so there not a prisoner in there own body, common sense would suggest the child's fam can now have some quality to there lives, soooo wtf are we doing?? Ohhhh money is more valuable than a child and there family, if a 1000 peeps are suffering epilepsy on average there's 4 people to a family who will be affected that's 5000 peeps that are and will be affected directly.

  2. watching this makes me realize just how little people in our community know about marijuana and the growing of it. I don't know the statistics but I bet the number of fires caused by home grow ops compared to how many home grows are out there the number would be very low. also id like to know how being charged with pot possession would somehow bring that said person in contact with and I quote " The Hells Angels ". I really wish I could have attended this discussion.

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