1. show me some macro shots of the trichomes under 60x microscope lens and I'll tell you. personally I like to harvest when I check 3 or 4 different spots of the plants and all these different spots have between 10 to 20 percent amber, and the rest and milky white, with the odd one still clear (the is the perfect range of ripeness for me)

    the color of the pistils, how swollen the calyx are, how plump the buds are, are all deceptive as far as deciding when to harvest. to me these are secundary indicators and only serve me to tell me WHEN to start looking with the scope.
    I have many tools to help me grow weed. The scope is the probably one of the cheapest and the only one I wouldn't do without.

    I'm glad I live in Tobago brother. In Jamaica authorities are not so friendly towards growers and cannabis in general. Togabo, on the other hand, much more lax , legalized

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