1. This was a great interview.

    If I were to add anything, when they were talking about the studies with apiritual medicines, I would have added the fact that different communities have used these medicines for thousands of years, and Western medicine is still catching up.

  2. Hi Girls! Thank you for doing this interview, I have Michelle's book and am enjoying it…I just wanted to add a comment to the conversation about changing memories, you can not erase a memory, but the emotion in the memory can be released, I have been an EFT practitioner for 20 years(Gary Craig's work) and have had 99 percent success. So accessing the emotion held in place around negative events is the key, it must be re-framed to then represent a story that makes sense, as in Michelle's realization that her brother is loving and guiding her from the other side …you both have beautiful hearts!

  3. Cons"piracy"…big oil, big pharma, pigs, politicians and blah blah blah etc., etc., etc. and frankly, many of the players don't even realize that they are all at the same orgy and in the same bed !!!

  4. Cannabis is going to prove to be more panacea and holistic than schedule 1.  Stop the hypocrisy here.  There's a bar on every corner serving up a known neurotoxin, alcohol.  Damn

  5. A healthy amount of drs are suckers of cocks…more than we will ever know. Big pharma should be castrated and the fda should be dropped into an active volcano while being filmed and put on youtube. Drs suck ass even though a few of them are good the shit ones suck bad enough to say they all suck shit right out of the arse

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