1. Thank you for uploading this video, Dr. Jockers. I have been using NuLeaf Naturals (Colorado-sourced). They offer a 40% discount to those with medical need. I am a late-stage cancer survivor as well as a diet-controlled Type 2 Diabetic. I feel that low-THC, high-CBD oil to be integral to my overall health with lowered anxiety, pain management as well as a topical analgesic and, post reconstruction surgery, promotes excellent wound granulation as an anti microbial and anti fungal agent. I use it every single night before bed. A close friend uses it in a roll-on pain relief aid as well as in a potent salve. I had another very close friend, almost like a sister, who believed that her use of Nu Leaf Naturals’ CBD oil killed her late-stage lung cancer and had the before/after PET scan (Positron Emission Tomography) to prove it. She had stopped all standard of care (chemo/surgery/radiation) nearly a year prior to finding Nu Leaf Naturals. I will continue to take this CBD oil daily. I have not suffered with any allergies (seasonal) or have any issues with mood disorder. It’s magic to me.

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