1. That red headed chick is definately a paid off individual for someone pharmaceutical side government side because any doctor that has done any research can't deny the medical benefits of marijuana. These evil criminal legal drug lords make me sick to my stomach. These people have no compassion they wanna profit from common man or woman sickness. They just wanna nuke our bodies making billions off of killing us. I have no hope for the u.s.government sadly my country is to far gone. They want people locked up unable to vote if it ever made a difference with 2 party system I say we give us librarians our own state build a fence and leave us the hell alone. Besides the moral laws already established from the beginning like do no harm to another person or there property we don't need laws.

  2. bottom line is since when can a government tell you what you can do with your body? if you… lets just say your at home on a Friday night and want to do cocaine or heroin why can a government tell you that you cant? and for all the people that say…'what about kids getting there hands on drugs'…nobody has ever said that kids should do drugs quite the opposite any one who is pro-drug never wants to see kids ever do drugs but a adult should be able to make there own choice. look at it as a Common law view if there is no victim there is no crime! just my opinion.

  3. …Dr Kilmer was excellent! A great speaker-clear and concise.
    On the other hand, I didn't realize that I had narcolepsy until I heard Dr. Madras drone on with her prohibitionary pundant "evidence". ZZZzzzzz…..
    I'm glad to hear she was completely flummoxed by NORMAL lawyers at the recent Federal hearings in California concidering the constitutionality of marijuana's Schedule I status. Thanks to Dr. Madras' testimony, I've no doubt it will be rescheduled.

  4. the cure for opium is "  Ibogaine  "  1 dose  addiction is over  m  but its illegal  cause of the government   , why cause of the effect  the high  it gives you   ,

  5. in 1970 I smoke tie sticks and Columbian  gold  which was as potent as any bud today and  we voting on this because the  now dead people in 1930 made it illegal  other was it would be legal  and seeing the history you have no point  legalize  stop making criminals  out of cool people 

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