1. I meet all your specific guidelines of no risk and I am disgusted by your completely disregarding the patients needs. This is exactly why I have to fly between states with Leukemia in order to get my prescriptions! Patients are the ones suffering!
    Just because an entire population is escaping from the pathetic existence politicians and corporations have created, patients are the ones being hammered! How about actually providing solutions and holding those actually accountable instead of creating MORE hoops for cancer patients to jump through! We are exhausted trying to survive!!

  2. Oh excuse us for being in so much agonizing pain and actually suffering to get all fixed up for you too!! This is so distasteful, disrespectful, alarming, and so much more! How inconsiderate can these jerks be?! How many people have died suffering under their direct care?!

  3. I’m glad you morons think Leukemia is from a bad diet!! Your licenses should be revoked!! Your wealth is from the direct suffering of others. What are you really doing?! You seem to actually get off on the suffering of others. This is actually disturbing!

  4. How ignorant for doctors to say that cancer patients who have cancer destroying their lives are somehow abusing pain meds! This is the kind of ignorance preventing ACTUAL SOLUTIONS! Yet, meanwhile, people are suffering because of corporations and politicians greed, abusing loopholes allowing toxic waste into our bodies and just paying fines as accountability. The patients continue to suffer while the media makes money off of ratings.

  5. I cannot believe that 2 people who’ve OBVIOUSLY never heard, “you have cancer” are so damn ignorant to how devastating and hopeless it really is! You are speculating what it’s like!! To have something relieving to be considered a luxury is ludicrous!! How do you animals sleep at night?! Oh from the millions in kickbacks, meanwhile legitimate patients are suffering!

  6. Are you seriously saying that people like myself with 2 forms of Leukemia and chronic pain are just looking for a high?! You call yourselves doctors and we wonder why people who get kickbacks are in control of our lives?!

  7. Obviously you guys don't have a clue what it is like to live with chronic pain. You want to punish us because some people steal and or abuse drugs? If it wasn't for pain medication I could not handle to be alive. You offer no help, no alternatives but you are willing to send people that are already in hell into the deepest pit of the fire, shame on you.

  8. I’M AFRAID OF PEOPLE DRIVING DRUNK. I never hear the world “alcohol” in these interviews. How can you be afraid of what your fellow adults are putting in their bodies and not address the ravaging effects of alcohol? We need to hear from some really smart people on these issues. Bright scientists less interested in controlling the behavior of other human beings, less likely to complain because they haven’t seen the FDA do controlled studies on pot and their cancer patients MIGHT have their pills stolen — looking like they stopped for a drink just before this was filmed and more interested in harm reduction. This is what shocked me when I moved to California: Booze in the grocery stores. Boys, none of us can ever hope to control other people. But why make it insanely easy to get drunk?

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