1. Wow, I did one genetics course at uni and did fine, lots and lots of bioscience/health science later and I was never comfortable with selection via natural mutation and sympathised with Lamarckism as I just couldn't fathom the numbers…

    The visual representation and explanation @ 6:20 is perfect. THANK YOU!

    Edit: Yeah, not just with this species too… this mechanistic explanation makes so much sense!

  2. No lie it said weed lab in Colorado… and I was like… oh snap CGP gonna get his own plant. Call it CountGreyPuffs and the whole channel was gonna become about where the munchies are made.

  3. Plant genomes are the shit. It is frustrating to work on them though since growing multiple generations of plants takes a lot of time. Most genetic researchers work on bacteria because they reproduce so quickly. But plants are where its at.

  4. This went from trying to deal with tumbleweeds to splicing genetic traits from tumbleweeds into plants used for food production.
    Please if someone remembers send me a reminder so I can watch when the lead scientist has the camera zoomed in close yelling "IT"S ALIVE!, IT"S ALIVE!!!".

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