1. ‼️PLEASE READ‼️ I came to watch this video after I bought it just to see if anyone commented, trying to see if it actually worked for people or not. I have completed my 10 day detox kit and by the 7th day I was able to pass an at home drug test. By the 10th day there were no traces of THC left in my urine. If you are needing to pass a drug test the 10 day kit definitely works.

  2. Am using this right now. It is not working!! If you are a regular/ heavy user and have a high amount of body fat save your money!! This will not work. Thc will be in your system for 45-60 days. Only way to eliminate is to obtain for that long. I test today and am scrambling around trying to find a different method.

  3. I have to admit, Green Gone works faster than anything I’ve ever used. Helped me pass 2 separate tests within just a few days of each other and it actually surprised me, because I was sure I failed lol
    Thanks guys.

  4. I know one of the owners in this video personally. I was fortunate to see the step by step process he went through to make this product, and was apart of the experiments. This product is absolutely 100% legitimate and if you follow there instructions and advice this product works as intended. Great video guys keep it up.

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