1. Have any Growmies watched the movie “Growing Op” it’s about a house FULL of Cannabis plants. The parents are horticultural experts and their son was homeschooled his whole life, around the plants. Knowing about it as medicine then went to a High school in ProhibitionLand & gets told how it’s just bad M’Kay. He nailed it with all his plant info from growing up around it all. It’s a sick movie. 🇨🇦✌️

  2. Word up Pigeons🇨🇦 have had that same thing, introducing to and the questions of my son. I just let him know it’s a medicine. It’s Rec here in 🇨🇦 now so he going to find out eventually about it. Want him to learn the right things

  3. I got 2 daughters, 4 and 6 never taught that they'll start to ask these things when they grow older. They see me work on my plants and they're curious and always wants to help. Both have no idea yet what other's opinion are on "Cannabis". Some people aren't really "Cool or Comfortable" with it. We all have to learn how to EDUCATE ! GREAT TOPIC!

  4. Green Goblin is killing the boards! Great episode in terms of production, yall weren't really stepping on each other and it flowed well.. I like the zoom in when one person is talking but I'll probably listen to the rest of the episodes on Spotify it's my preferred pod platform.. Love the show fellas 💪

  5. So im looking to make feminized seeds of my own and I want to know the difference between the colloidal silver method and the Silver Thiosulfate method, thanks for all the help guys!!!!

  6. Hey, do you have any interest to test excellent led grow light for indoor plant? I believe it would help your growing also you can compare the difference. If interested, pls let me know.

  7. It sounds nice having legal Cannabis and being able to be open about growing. The book for kids about not talking about daddy’s grow is something from prohibition, like where I live. We all dream of the day we have the rights and freedoms you do.
    Thanks for a great episode.

  8. Great, and real topic. Something that took me years and still working on is life balance. Kids IMO should be in the garden, its just a plant and like pigion420 said, its a good feeling having the hole family in the gaden

  9. Green goblin was just high and had a hot mic on and didn't know it. He was obviously talking to someone in his room about huffing gas, y'all lighten up. I'm sure its been addressed. ✌ ☮

  10. Perfectly executed guys. This podcast is gonna take off. I have a family as well and totally agree with having honesty come first. I dont let my kids hang around my garden but they are welcome to help me water or do small things alike and letting them know why i do what i do is important instead of telling them not to worry or have questions about what i do. My boys are 2, 4 and 7 and i have no shame about letting them know why i choose to cultivate my own recreational/ medicinal cannabis

  11. I bought a small tent but had a hell of a time finding a light small, and powerful enough for what I wanted. The gf was cool with that. I hit a hydro store and they sold me a light and 4x4x8 tent for the price of the light. Couldn't pass it up. 4x4x8 is huge when you live in a small 1 bdrm + small "den" apartment. I set it up when she was out and I was in panic mode. She is going to kill me. I took it down and told her I would drive back and return it. She told me to set it up to have a look herself. She told me to just set it up in the small den. So we cleared it out, put a bookshelf in front to conceal and I've been growing unexpectedly. Support is huge and I am extremely thankful to be able to be able to join the gardening ranks.

  12. I’m not gonna lie, I don’t know who the behind-the-scenes guy is, but he should stay behind the scenes. I am here for you three, is cool to chime in every once in a while but you’re no Guru lol

  13. Any chance green goblin can just be included the same way you three are? I think him and mr grow it not hearing each other well made it for a few occasions of them speaking at once and making it unmanageable to understand fully 🤷‍♂️ otherwise another great podcast guys 💪

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