1. What's up Dude… just to share my BC Bud depot experience real quick, ran a pack of their ultimate purple a quite a while back. Turned out just fine and I liked it.
    My positive review (without getting anything in return lol) absolutely has to go to Solfire Gardens. The best damn seeds to ever hit dirt if ya ask me. Killer killer stuff

  2. amen brothers…….me too new grower long time smoker… and you guy's and youtube allthe info for newbys thank you,,, my 2nd cycle original skunk and its killer better than most medical around here (redzone) but i spent ZERO dollars for weed last month 1sttime ever and am smokin topshelf….so SWEET…..thnx guy's …….pass the knowlege

  3. Guru has almost always got the answers, but not this time. While Monosilicic acid is the plant available form of Silica, a solution of 560gr of AgSil 16H Potassium Silicate in 1 gallon of water (Pro-Tekt clone) provides more available silica than all of the "Monosilicic Acid" products. All those products are cashing in before California requires amount of soluble silica to be on labels. http://customhydronutrients.com/page_2.html

  4. Have many decent runs with a few different options with BC buddepot. Have run Night Nurse , Animal Cookies , Girlscout Cookies , Blueberry, and Fire OG. All pretty decent have to say. You always have some pops better then other but have always always managed a keeper from each pack of said cultivar.

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