1. Hey man just to share some info that helped me. Amazon has a portable RO system for $55 that hooks up in minutes. Takes my water from 225ppm to 7ppm. I had a filter just like the one you have and it took my 225ppm tap water to 225ppm. That is not a typo. A lot of those real simple screw on one piece filters don't do shit.

  2. cool videos dude look after yourself….just finished my first autopot grow with just living organic premixed soil by sohum perlite bottom inch and a half ..no air pump …really impressed all i did was when first seen flower added pk 13/14 to water tank for 1st week of flower turned out fantastic…didnt worry about dry top soil or additives at all..be well stay safe young man…good job

  3. To keep the topsoil moist would you recommend using a Y adapter from the reservoir where one leads to the auto pot and the other leads to a blumat drip system on top or would that be too much water? Also, I noticed you have fly traps hanging. Do you think the larvae came from the natures living soil or the excess moisture on the bottom of the pots?

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