1. Plant with the purple leaves is nice. There all nice. .wow u are getting cold weather compared to what I thought . I thought. Seventy would be the lowest..here in Vermont we consider frost to be too cold other than that it just seems to make the plant sticky and draw out it's protective /pollen grabbing goodness. But I'm no pro I just make it happen..with all natural nutrients and good old fashioned sunlight.ab I do ok .👌love ya Dr bacon .keep u the good vibes. Thnx for making us the vidio

  2. Due to living in New England, I have around 3 months of descent outside growing. So, I grow inside a greenhouse during the summer months and in my basement the 9 remaining months. I laugh when self absorbed 'Pro growers,' inform me that I cannot grow cannabis in a basement without severe mold issues. Take a look at my profile pic. These are the plants they say I can't grow without mold. LOL. Not once have I ever had mold anywhere in my grow.

  3. 🔥I just got a 3 in one vivo sun grow tent. ✌Cant wait to be a pro like you loll
    What part of California are you from DR?I'm from San Jose ca but now I'm very close to chico👍

  4. Hey Dr Bacon, have you ever tried a Potassium Bicarbonate mix for PM?

    I had PM really bad this year where I'm at, and the only thing that worked for me was Potassium Bicarbonate, I applied once and all my PM went away for good. you can also use it up to 2 weeks before harvest.

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